I still love my Passion Planner!

I have skipped a couple of the monthly reviews now as every month just seems a little too often to do these and I don’t feel I get a lot from doing them EVERY month.

I am very much using it as a sort of diary to track day-to-day what I get up to and it is nice to be able to flick back and look at what I have done or help to remember when I did something.

There was an issue that came up around the Eco Sleeves and that you cannot open the planner out flat without then getting the cover stuck in the Eco sleeve when closing it and having to wiggle it back in again carefully without ruining the front cover. The line has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase until further notice. I did notice this a bit but hadn’t thought much of it and didn’t want to get a replacement and have the first half of the year in one planner and the second half of the year in another.


If you are interested, they have really great deal at the moment on 2018 planners for just USD$5 that could be used for the second half of the year. Check them out here.

Posted by:DelveByAshlea

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