• Aquariums are a great way to bring a feeling of calmness and ease into a space. You will often see an aquarium or tank in a doctors or similar office for that reason.
  • Like plants they create a feeling of life and living.
  • Brightness and colour –  Often aquariums will have some sort of lighting which should be a soft light blue light. Depending what is in the aquarium as decoration there will be some sort of colour and attractiveness to it.
  • For children it encourages learning and creates a sense of responsibility.


There are so many different fish that you can choose from. You need to set up an aquarium or tank based on the type of fish you decide are best; tropical, cold fresh water or marine.

Cold fresh water and tropical are the most common and easily found in regualar pet shops. Cold fresh water fish just require a tank with a filtration system as often you will find goldfish in these tanks who are not the cleanest!

A tropical tank requires a heater as these fish prefer warmer waters.

Marine fish need a salt water aquarium which are a little more complicated and a lot harder to maintain. Regular pet stores often don’t keep marine fish at their stores and you would need to find a shop that specializes in these.

I have 3 goldfish of varying fanciness, 4 whitecloud minnows and a yellow snail.


There is also the option of having a non-planted or a planted aquarium. Each of these has it’s own benefits and disadvantages.

A planted aquarium takes a lot more time and maintenance as you are looking after both the plants and the fish in the aquarium. Real plants help to keep the balance right in the aquarium by taking in the carbon dioxide released by the fish and exchange it for oxygen. Some fish can also be tough on plants and will eat them till they are gone (not helpful!). You definitely CANNOT keep snails in a planted aquarium as they will absolutely destroy all plants.

There are plenty of artificial plants that look very real which are great for an aquarium where you cannot have plants or you cannot put the time into having them.  Artificial plants are great as they can be rearranged and easily removed to clean. However, they provide no help in keeping the aquarium clean or healthy. They do however provide shelter for the fish to hide away if they want.

Photo Sources: Photos are from Pinterest.

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