The Tuscan style is filled with warm, earth tones and rustic Old World Mediterranean style furnishings along with natural influences found in the Mediterranean countryside; olive trees, grapes grown in vineyards and colours of flowering plants.

Photo Source: Impressive Interior Design

The colour scheme in a Tuscan home will be very warm and natural.  There will be a lot of earth-tones like the brownish-orange of clay and a lot of light cream colour of plaster. Rich deep golds and yellows are also used alongside cobalt blue to reflect the colours of the seas and sky.


Tuscan Elements

Often wallpaper, drywall and other manufactured surfaces can look to sleek for the Tuscan style.  You want to go for more traditional and natural materials such as stucco and plaster.

Accessories are usually pottery, wrought iron, metalwork and stone.

Floors are another thing that is made up of natural materials such as terra-cotta tiles, marble, granite, timber and limestone.  Natural woven rugs can be used to soften the flooring.

Tile mosaics are common for kitchens and courtyards.  Colourful ceramic bottles are a great way to add colour and interest in the kitchen and around the house. As well as large terra-cotta planters filled with large plants.

Wall art can be used featuring flowers, grapes, wine bottles, cheese or pictures of the countryside. Other accessories fit right in if they are made from wrought iron such as candle holders and shelves.

Furniture should be dark stained wood, wrought iron and patterned with hand painted designs of grapes, flowers and fruits.



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