I got sucked in and jumped on the Wish bandwagon! If you don’t already know what Wish is, it is a website and app that sells products at up to 90% off.  It connects shoppers directly with manufacturers who are able to sell at super low prices.

There is a ridiculous amount of products listed. I would suggest shopping around and not buying something from the first listing you see as it is more than likely it is being sold even cheaper on another listing.


What: 10 Colors Kawaii Carpetas Stationery Carpeta File Folder 4 layers Archivadores Anillas A4 Document Bag Office Supplies Color Red Yellow Blue Purple Black Green Light Green Beige Light Blue Pink

Cost: $5 incl. shipping each

These were a definite success.  They are exactly like the pictures and colours are really lovely.  I actually ended up ordering more.


What: 2017 Decoration Cartoon Mini Owl-shaped Flower Pot for Succulents Fleshy Plants Simple Style Ceramic Home/Garden/Office 5pc/set (Size: 5 PIECES)

Cost: $13 incl. shipping for the set of 5 pieces

These arrived really well packaged so there was no change of any breakages.  They are exactly like the pictures and are super cute! The one thing that the pictures don’t show is that they do have a drainage hole in the bottom so if you are using them as planters with real plants you will need to sit them on something to catch the water or plug the drainage hole. Other than that, they are really neat.


What: Lovely 6 Sheets Cute Scrapbook Diary Calendar Planner Decorative Paper Stickers

Cost: $4 incl. shipping for set of 6


These were fine for how much I paid for them. They were not cut very straight in some places which was a little annoying but other than that they are good.


Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 1.54.07 PM.png

What: Hot Popular Plastic Artificial Landscaping Water Grass Decoration for Aquarium Fish Tank

Cost: $5 incl. shipping

This looks exactly like the photo.  The purple is nice and bright like the photo above and seems like regular aquarium decor quality.



What: Aquatic Artificial Plastic Underwater Grass Green Plant Fish Tank Landscape Decor Plastic Water Grass

Cost: $4 incl. shipping each


I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from these are the photo’s were not really great but they are fine.  They look a lot more like the first photo above, not the second.




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