Coasters Pink Marble from Smack Bang


Kip & Co Plantation Tassel Throw from Alex & Corban 

Kip & Co always have amazing homeware items and this is no exception. I really love the earthy colour of this throw and it goes perfectly in the Terracotta Room Reveal by Alex&Corban recently.


Weave Belly Basket from Superette

This is just such a cool and modern twist on the classic woven seagrass basket. It comes in silver or gold sequins and the top half can be folded in on itself to make a shallower basket. These are great for storing pretty much anything and this one would be great to add a little interest and shine to a room.


Arthur Wall Light from Created Homewares


Small Marble Wall Clock from Superette


Nook Side Table from Nood

This is quite a different style of side table with the use of the different materials; wood for the top and cloth basket at the bottom. It’s extremely practical and I can imagine it nicely in a lounge as a great way to store bits and pieces away out of sight in the basket while keeping the things you do want to see out on the top.


Vase Gem from Superette


Scandi Leaf Cushion from Nood


Molten Coasters Copper from Collected


Chester Pin Tuck Ottoman – Petrol Blue from ShutTheFrontDoor


Chester Pin Tuck Ottoman – Mustard from ShutTheFrontDoor

Ok, let’s talk about the two Ottoman above. I absolutely love them! They are velvet and the pin tuck pattern gives them just enough detail to stand out but also fit right in to any interior design.

P.S. There are also matching sofas in both the blue and mustard!


Vintage Round Artwork from Nood

As usual Nood has another great artwork that I love. I really quite like the circle shape and this one is packed with lots of different colours.


Silvia Marble Mortar & Pestle from Superette


IXXI Artwork New York City Map from ShutTheFrontDoor



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