I am loving my Passion Planner! I have been using it A LOT.  It has been incredibly handy to have everything all in one place and I am finding there is a space for everything.

Here’s a quick click up Passion Planners:


At the moment I am using it for appointments, notes and lists, and as a diary.  I jot down appointments to keep track of where I am and also note down things that happened during the day.

I really like the space at the bottom of each week for “space of infinite possibility”. I have been jotting down budgets and to do lists in this spot.

The blank and grid pages in the back have also been handy.  So far I have used them to create a  list of books that I want to read and to help keep track of properties that I am looking at and applying for.  I really like that there are so many of these pages and I don’t feel bad about using them to just note things down. A lot of planners will only have a couple of blank pages in the back so you feel like you should use them for something useful that you need over the entire year which can be frustrating.

The Passion Planner I purchased: 2018 Eco Set Compact Blush Blossom

I haven’t used any of the inserts from the website yet as at this stage I don’t really have a use for them.

I have completed one monthly review and that was really interesting.  I had quite a hard start to the year and sometimes it can feel like nothing good happened. But when I went back through and looked at what I had done, it turns out there was plenty of fun and good things that I did.

The review also helps to keep you on track with your goals and make you remember and think about what you want to achieve.

So overall, the Passion Planner is going great so far!


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