IXXI Artwork Peony Roses by Hannah Lemholt from ShutTheFrontDoor $199.00


IXXI Artwork – Never Grow Up from ShutTheFrontDoor $229.00

The two artwork pieces above are a innovative way to display works of art and are a Dutch designed system made up of individual squares and connectors.  They are made in the Netherlands. Each square is 0.33 mm thick and is waterproof, doesn’t tear and is UV resistant.


Cushion Botanical Persimmon from ShutTheFrontDoor $79.99


I have never seen something like this before! It comes with everything you need to grow the herb (there is basil or mint). The ceramic egg can be cracked open to create your own unique pot. These are available at Superette for $35.00


Bjorn Oval Mirror Black from ShutTheFrontDoor $299.00


The kids memo boards from Nood come in Aqua and Mint.  They are magnetic so perfect for keeping certificates, photo’s, etc.


Bookend Set Monstera Green from ShutTheFrontDoor $34.99


These little pots are just super cute! There is a whale, a fox and a van each $16.00 from Collected.


Mr Fox Aloha Print from Nood $29.99


Bonnie & Neil Rainforest Velvet Cushion from Collected $225.00

Seed Pom Pom Throw from Superette $159.00


Geometric Flax Wall Decal from Your Decal Shop $80.00 – $370.00




Geometric Pohutukawa Flower Wall Decal from Your Decal Shop $80.00 – $330.00


Fringe Cushion – Swan Lake from ShutTheFrontDoor $69.99


Memo Letterboard from ShutTheFrontDoor $39.99
Wire Oval Shelf from Urban Outfitters $59.00
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