It’s finally here!

My friend and I ordered our Passion Planners for 2018 back in September and have been eagerly awaiting their arrival since then.

What is it?

They say a “Passion Planner is the one place for all your thoughts. It’s more than just a planner—it’s a tool that helps you break down your short and long-term goals and incorporate them into your daily life.”

Here’s a snippet from their website to show what they look like inside:


There are three types of planners; Academic, Dated and Undated. From there you can choose either A4 or A5 and from a huge variation in colours/patterns. I chose the 2018 Eco Set Compact Rose Gold Blossom Monday.

You can also download PDFs of the planners  and inserts for free here.

Why I purchased a Passion Planner

It’s one place for absolutley everything.  It’s a calendar planner, diary, notebook, goal setting recorder and to do list noter.  Every now and then I think it’s a great idea to start a diary for something (previously this has been to record blog post idea’s, record eating habits, record fitness, etc.). This never lasts though as I end up with a couple for different things and then give up.

The Passion Planner seemed to be the perfect solution for this where I could put everything all in one place. I also like to carry these sorts of things around in my handbag which becomes annoying when you have a few different notebooks for various things.

I’m really looking forward to giving this a go and will let you know how I get on!

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