$10 & under

Dino Door Stop and Elephant Door Stop from Kmart $10.00 each


Blue Ball String Lights from Kmart $8.00



Ferris Wheel Frame from Kmart $8.00


$20 & under


Terrazzo Bookends from Kmart $12.00



Mini Stationary Kit: Sweet from kikki.k $19.90

Novelty Shaped Mug from CottonOn $14.99


Candle Stocking Filler: Joy from kikki.k $19.90



Ant Lollipops from Collected $12.00


DIY Letter Board from Kmart $14.00


There are so many flavours, these are just a couple of options.  There is the Bonbon Birthday Cake Body Wash, the Bonbon Choc Mint Whip Body Wash and the Bonbon Lemon Tart Body Wash just to name a couple. These are $14.99 each from Created Homewares.


$30 & under


Ethique Sampler Body Sampler from ShutTheFrontDoor $21.99


Everybody loves cake! These are a couple of flavours that can be chosen; Chocolate Hazelnut and Lemon Plum from Created Homewares. Both $25.00.


$40 & under


Bird Planter from Created Homewares $39.99


$50 & under


Hemmingway Spice Vial Set from Freedom Furniture $49.95




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