Zen has increased in popularity and become a common trend to create a haven in our homes away from the busyness and stress of our lives.  It does not have strict rules and is often associated with minimalism, simplicity and purity.

Photo Source: Impressive Interior Design

Key features:

Earthy Colours

Natural colours such as grey, white and beige’s are key colours when creating a zen-inspired space. These colours are calming and neutral.

Using natural elements is also a great way to add a natural feel to the space. This could include wooden floors, wooden accents, wooden furniture, stone or marble look bench tops or fireplace surround.

Greenery is your friend when trying to achieve this look. In most photo’s you see of a zen space, there will be some sort of greenery.  From small plants on a coffee table to large indoor trees, anything will work.


Natural & Light Fabrics

Keep all fabrics natural, light and comfortable.  You want to create a sense of calm, reduce noise and block any air draughts. Curtains are essential for this.  Choose materials such as linen or wool and make sure they match with the materials you have already chosen for furniture, flooring, etc.

White is often chosen for bed linen and upholstery as it creates a clean, calm and natural look. The sharpness of it can be offset by have a throw or cushions in a darker colour.



Comfortable Flooring

Think comfortable and clean when choosing flooring for your zen space.

Photo Source: Architecture Art Design

Wooden flooring is often the most popular choice.  It is easily maintained and can also be added to with mats and rugs. There are many colours and shades to choose from as well as patterns.

Carpet is also a common choice as it is a lot warmer than hard flooring. Wool carpet provides a real sense of comfort but requires a lot of maintenance.  Keep the colour very neutral.

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