Tribal Bottle from Nood $29.99

Cute storage is definitely a weakness of mine.  I love these sorts of bottles and canisters that can be picked up for a reasonable price. Problem is, once I get them home, I actually have no idea what I am going to put in them.  But hey, they are cute right?


Look how cute these are! The colours are just so fun.  The plates, bowls and mugs all come in the set of four.


Montgomery Armchair from Freedom Furniture $799.00

I love these oversized armchairs! Don’t you just want to curl up in it and read a book?? There are all sorts of colours, shapes and sizes to choose from out there. This one is from Freedom Furniture.



It’s so handy when these sorts of decor items come in different colours so that mixing and matching is made easy! These awesome vases come in blush, soft aqua and white from Nood.



Framed Print Llama Friends

Framed Print Llama Sky

Kent Sofa Package 5 Piece from Freedom Furniture $3299.00

This outdoor lounge set was designed with family, comfort and flexibility in mind. It is a modular design so can be moved around to suit however you need.


Leden Palms and Ledan Palm Frond A3 Prints from ShutTheFrontDoor



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