Adding texture to a space adds interest and makes a room feel complete. Texture can be many things including wood and textiles as well as things that are patterned or interesting to touch.

Photo Source: Home-Designing

Of course the key is to not over do it but have enough that your space comes together nicely. Without texture, a space can often feel cold and plain.

Idea’s on adding texture:

-Rugs: Rugs are a fantastic way to add texture as a rug is often what ‘makes’ a room. The rug could be patterned or have an interesting texture.

Photo Source: Home-Designing

-Plants: Obviously plants come in all shapes, sizes and colours so are the perfect and easy solution for adding texture to your home. And they are easily changeable if you like to have a different look every few months.

-Architectural design: Although this may not be possible with an existing home, it may be an option when designing a new home. This could include mouldings or paneled ceilings.

-Textiles: Try using cushions with a pattern or interesting material, wall hangings or a throw on the sofa. There are all sorts of different textiles that can be used to create texture and these can all be matched to the design of your home.

Photo Source: Home-Designing
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