Children are often fascinated by the world, so why not bring the world to their bedroom? There are so many ways to incorporate a world map into a room. It could be using a couple of small maps on the wall or a world globe model or using a map that covers the entire wall.

Photo Source: Wait-Where

This super cute idea above shows the world and also the country that the child lives in. This can be done for any country!


Photo Source: Juxtapost

There are so many variations that can be used.  The image above uses a full colour map but you may decide you want something a little more vintage or cartoon or even black and white.


Product Finds:


Children’s Cartoon World Map from Your Decal Shop $150.00-$520.00

This is just super cute! It would be perfect in younger children’s rooms.


Bingham Globe from Globes $399.00
Henry & Co Pillowcase World Map from Collected $39.00


World Scratch Map from Urban Outfitters $24.00-$34.00

These scratch maps have become popular lately. They are super fun as they are interactive way of showing where you have been in the world.


These awesome maps are designed to be scrunched up and put it a bag or pocket. There are several different cities and countries to choose from.  Find them at Collected.


World Map Wall Hanging from Urban Outfitters $79.00


Standard World Map from Map World $49.90



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