Cross Pleat Queen Quilt Cover from Freedom Furniture $229.00


Yarn Dye Check Queen Quilt Cover from Freedom Furniture $179.00


Latice Mirror from Nood $349.00


Carson Multi-Use Shelf from Urban Outfitters $29.00

Urban Outfitters have a tonne of different shelves to choose from.  You can use them in so many different ways – to store makeup, jewellery, plants, etc., etc.  They are extremely simple as well so they will not look clattered.


Bow Tie Panda from Nood $299.00
Romantic Round Floral Artwork from Nood $299.00
Honey Bunny from Nood $399.00

Every time I go to Nood, I see artwork that I just love! They always have such great pieces that are perfect statement pieces.


Wild Desert Palms Sheet Set from Urban Outfitters $99.00-$129.00
Mila Floral Sheet Set from Urban Outfitters $99.00-$129.00

These sheet sets are just plain awesome!


AANDERSSON Shapes Mug from Urban Outfitters $24.00
Retro Flip Clock from Nood $199.00

These nifty clocks have been popular for a while now with a lot of cheaper versions coming out and often they look cheap too. This one however looks great and would last!


Moss Knit Cotton Throw from Nood $249.00

Another thing Nood always does well is throws.  They have so many styles and colours to choose from, you can’t possible not find one you like (I usually find about 5…)

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