Bold interiors can be the best thing you do to your home. Bold colours, decor and accessories can bring vibrancy, personality and happiness into your home.  Although bold interiors may not suit everyone’s taste, going bold doesn’t mean you have to go all out, even something small like a special decor piece.

Photo Source: Clair Strong Interior Design

Colour is often the most used material to create a bold look.

If you are wanting a bold colour to stand out, think about contrasting it against a clean white trim.  Remember all whites are not made equal and you will need to match the white with the bold colour you choose.  For example if you choose a blue colour you will want to choose a white with a cool undertone.  If you choose a red colour you will want to choose a white with a warm or yellow undertone.

Make sure you test the colour properly in the planned space.  Buy a test pot of the colour and either paint straight onto the wall if you can or paint a large piece of paper with the colour and stick it to the wall. Leave it for a couple of days so that you can see it in different lights as often a colour looks completely different in the natural light of day to at night with lights on. And don’t worry, it’s ok not to get it right the first time!  It is a big decision to put colour on the walls so take your time and make sure you are completely happy before committing to the entire wall or room!

If you are not set on painting your walls a bold colour you could consider painting other aspects of a space.  This could be a door or cupboards.

Photo Source: iDesignArch
Photo Source: Freshhome

Decor and accessories is often the next choice for creating a bold statement.  This could come in the form of furniture, artwork or furnishings.

Furniture is a great way to make a statement as it is common for it to be used as the statement piece in a room.  It could be a bright colour or a vibrant pattern.  Or you could go the opposite way by having a white or plain couch and accessorise it with colourful, vibrant cushions.

There are just so many options for accessories and art to add boldness.  Check out some of the product finds below for inspiration.

Photo Source: Clair Strong Interior Design
Photo Source: House & Garden

Subdued with splashes of bold can be the better way to go for some people who would just like to add a bit of edge without feeling like they have gone overboard.

Having one piece that make a bold impression in a room is easy to do.  For example if you have an absolutely fantastic printed couch that you want everyone to see, don’t accessorise it too much with cushions and put it against a plain coloured wall.

Another example would be to have a large piece of exciting artwork and keep the rest of the room toned down to just accentuate the piece of artwork.

Photo Source: Traditional Kitchen Decoration
Product Finds:


Wall decals are a fantastic way to add colour and interest to your walls without being permanent.  There are so many different designs and options to choose from now, you are sure to find something that will suit your space. The decals above are all from Your Decal Shop.  They also create wall murals which are absolutely amazing!



Mix and match cushions of different colour and texture to create a bold statement on a white or plain coloured couch.

Pastel Freckle Rug from Collected $480.00


The furniture above is from the amazing Miss Lolo.  She creates absolutely amazing reloved and custom furniture with bright and pretty fabrics. These would be the perfect statement piece for your bold piece.

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