Framed Canvas Print Cactus from ShutTheFrontDoor $249.00


Cushion Nomad from ShutTheFrontDoor $65.00


These customizable wall decals are from Your Decal Shop.  They are perfect for a little girls room and you can add up to 4 words in them.

Agee Drink Dispenser from Collected $70.00

These have been popping up a lot recently.  They are great for summer to have outside at a BBQ or at the beach or even just on the bench on a hot day for easy access.  This on is 8L but there are plenty of other sizes out there.

Thing Industries Upside Down Shelf from Urban Outfitters $65.00


I love the look of vintage appliances.  These are all from Collected: Stand Mixer, Kettle, 2 or 4 Toaster & Blender.


Marcus Oakley Cat Art Print from Urban Outfitters $19-$399


These awesome subway patterned containers are perfect for adding a little interest to your kitchen bench! From ShutTheFrontDoor: Butter Dish, Small Canister & Tall Canister

Rabbit and Dragon Geo Insence Holder from Urban Outfitters $30.00 each

These are just really cute and such a good idea. And when they don’t have an essence stick in them they will just look like a piece of decor.


Coachella Hanging Rattan Chair from ShutThe FrontDoor $599.00


Round Placemat from Alex & Corban $15.99


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