Scandinavian will probably always be one of my most favorite interior styles.  I love the simplicity, neutral colours and materials, and relaxed look.  See below for new product inspiration!

Scandinavian style has a certain charm and simplicity about it that you can’t help falling in love with.  The gorgeous neutral colours and extensive use of wood makes the space feel calming and comfortable.

Photo Source: Apartment Therapy

The main colours used in Scandinavian design are neutrals such as beige’s, grey’s and of course white.  It is now becoming popular to use neutrals along with splashes of colour such as black, yellow and blue.  White is the prominent colour in most Scandinavian designs you will see being used on walls, furnishings, accessories and sometimes even the flooring.

Photo Source: Scandinavian Kitchens and Design

Flooring is an important aspect of Scandinavian design.  Rooms with wall to wall carpet never caught on in Northern Europe with hard flooring being the better option for simplicity and functionality.  Light coloured wood is what can be found in most Scandinavian styled homes.

Keep the decorating and accessorising to a minimum, part of the Scandinavian style is keeping things simplistic and uncluttered. Add nature into the rooms by having plants or pieces of wood that sit simply on a shelf or table.

You can use black and white artwork to further accentuate your Scandinavian theme or use art as the chance to add that little splash of colour.

Product Idea’s
Circular Palm Sky Grey Framed Print from ShutTheFrontDoor $329.00

Prints will never be a bad idea in any style of home.  They are a great way to add a bit of detail, colour or texture to a space.

Silhouette Planter from ShutTheFrontDoor $34.99
Jute Macrame Wall Hanging with Tassels from Superette $129.00
Plywood Garland from Created Homewares $29.90

Garlands are a great way to tone down a room that could be feeling a bit formal. They often come bright and colourful but this one is a nice mix of white and plywood coloured beads.

I love these concrete diamonds! They are an easy and simple decor idea.  The different colours and two designs make it easy to mix and match.

Wooden Fox from ShutTheFrontDoor $7.99

Perfect for a child’s bedroom decor!

Westwood Bedside from ShutTheFrontDoor $499.00

This is gorgeous! Wood and white always work together but add in a chevron pattern and I’m all in.  This looks so sleek especially without having any obvious handles.

Plywood Mountains from Created Homewares $33.00

These are just cute! They would look great on a shelf in a child’s bedroom.  The colours are nice, soft and peaceful.

Flower Jute Rug from ShutTheFrontDoor $299.00

This simple and sleek dresser and tallboy set reflect the Scandinavian style perfectly using white and natural wood.

Door Stop from Created Homewares $45.00

I’m not really sure why I even love this door stop so much… Maybe because it’s really hard to find a nice looking one? Anyway the rope and concrete look are great for Scandinavian style and this one has a special coating so that it won’t scuff your door.

Marbel & Natural Wood Hook from ShutTheFrontDoor $34.99

This amazing plywood bunting would be perfect for decorating children’s rooms in Scandinavian style.

Avenida Throw from Freedom Furniture $159.00

This throw is gorgeous.  The silver threads through the white knit add little bit of interest and glam.

Lolita Mini Vase from Freedom Furniture $34.95

These are just plain pretty! Bonus is the tray is a natural wood which fits perfectly with Scandinavian style and the glass vases add interest and texture.


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