Classic, sophisticated, sleek and timeless are just a few words that could be used to explain a black and white interior.




Stripes are very classic black and white.  Bold horizontal stripes can add impact to a space without making it overly eye catching and intense.



Graphic Patterns and Designs

Adding graphic patterns or designs to parts of the interior will make the space interesting and allow you to keep the rest of the decor simple and clean.  This could be a patterned wall paper of interesting tile pattern on the floor.



Additional Colour

Sometimes there can just be too much black and white.  This is where adding another colour in is a good idea.  This could be a natural wood colour or a bright colour that could become the feature.



Fixtures, Furniture and Accessories

Try using black where you wouldn’t normally to create more of an impact such as cabinetry, chairs, curtains, stair railings and artwork.  Try alternating between black and white such as having dining chairs in black and in white or picture frames a mix of black and white and maybe even another bright colour as well.

Using black is also the perfect time to use chalkboard paint! This can be used pretty much anywhere.  Recently it has been used extensively in kitchens to create a wall for the shopping list or to keep track of where everyone in the family are.




Photo Source: Elle Decor


Product Finds:
Norm Bottle Grinder Set from Superette $149.00
Set of Cubes Black & White from ShutTheFrontDoor $59.99


Hand Bookends from ShutTheFrontDoor $49.99


Table Lamp Piccolo from ShutTheFrontDoor $119.00


Macrame Wall Decor from ShutTheFrontDoor $99.99


East Port Coffee Table from Freedom Furniture $499.00


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