Coffee tables can easily become the center piece of a space if you take the time to get them right. There are so many different ways to style a coffee table.

Having a tray on a coffee table is a great way to keep everything tidy while displaying your favourite bits and pieces. Or keep TV remotes together and in one place.


Adding flowers and plants whether they are fresh or potted will add colour and energy into your space.  Succulents and cactus are easy to look after and grow.  They provide colour and an inviting feel. Sometimes having real plants or flowers isn’t convenient so try shopping around for high quality artificial flowers and put then in a nice vase or jar.

Having two coffee tables close together is firstly handy for the extra space but also creates interest and affect in a space especially if they are different heights or colours or styles.

Coffee table books have become a popular trend.  Whether people actually pick them up and read or look at is another story all together. Pick books with bright colours and bold lettering. Have one pile or a couple of piles of different sized books. Try putting an item on top of the stack to add further interest.


Having one single statement piece by itself on a coffee table is also a great way to make an impact and create a simple and easy design.  This could be one large vase with flowers or your favourite ornament.  Whatever it is, don’t keep it too simple.  You want it to be attractive to look at.

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