I love Christmas! I love the cheeriness it brings, I love that people seem to relax, I love that I get to see all my family together and of course I love Christmas decor!

Below I have put together a collection of fun and creative Christmas decor items along with a few idea’s on how they can be used:

Santa Sack Drawstring Bag from ShutTheFrontDoor $39.99

This is great! Looks a lot nicer than the traditional pillow case and the fun script on the front is just perfect for the kids.  Hang it on the end of their beds for Christmas morning.

Christmas Stockings from Bed, Bath & Beyond $12.40

These Christmas stockings are CUTE! Choose from Santa, the reindeer or a snowman.  They can be hung pretty much anywhere and will look great.

These are just too cute.  There are quite a few different options and colours.  They are perfect to sit on shelves or cabinets or in the kids rooms.

Glow Wooden Nutcracker Decorative from Bed, Bath & Table $6.95
There are just sooooo many amazing tree decorations, I could have filled up this entire blog with them.  I love that Christmas decorations are so easy to mix and match together on a tree. Some people prefer matching and simple while others like to let their kids go crazy with homemade decorations mixed with bought.  However you like to decorate you tree it will always be just right!

Glow Geo 3D Diamond Decorative from Bed, Bath & Table $3.95
These are really nice for a more sophisticated look on your Christmas tree and could be easily mixed with other decorations.

Wire Seed Lights 3m from ShutTheFrontDoor $9.99
These lights can be used all around the house decorating.  They are super flexible so can be wrapped around the Christmas tree, over entrance ways or around bed frames.  Another idea that has been popular this year is to put them in a vase to create a lamp or table centrepiece.  They are battery powered so you never have to worry about finding a power point close by or cords running across the floor.

Paper Snowflake LED Garland from ShutTheFrontDoor $14.99
These are simple lights but would look great in the evenings when all other lights are dimmed.  Again, battery powered so no cord problems.

Multi Colour Tassel Mini Garland from Collected $26.00
This fun garland would be great to add colour in your home for Christmas. Bonus is that is would be great to bring out year round as the colours aren’t only Christmas-ey.

These are so simple yet so effective.  They are easy to decorate with, just pop them into a vase or jar and sit them on a side table or as a table centrepiece.  You could even create your own with your own style rather than buying them.

Shimmer Pine/Jute Wreath 45cm from Bed, Bath & Table $39.95

Wreaths are always a great welcoming addition to your home at Christmas.  There are always plenty to choose from, from the colourful to the more neutral like this one.


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