Minimalist interior style is all about keeping things streamlined and simple while still being inviting. This style allows any piece of furniture or art to really stand out rather than being surrounded or obstructed by extra decorations or objects.

Photo Source: Freshome

Colours are generally muted with an accent colour or two to highlight furniture or other focal pieces.  Try and keep the colours consistent throughout the home with very minimal change or additions.

Photo Source: Home Designing

Less is more in minimalist style! Think about what you REALLY need and what you REALLY DON’T need.  For example you need a couch in a living room but do you really need all those different cushions? Or you do need a great bench top but do you really need all those knife blocks, salt & pepper grinders, etc. sitting on it?

Photo Source: designrulz

Keep everything as clutter free as possible.  This might mean investing in additional storage to put all the clutter away tidily. Or it could be a great chance to have a clean out and keep only the essentials.

Photo Source: Home Designing

Everything should look clean and this includes the floors.  Don’t clutter the floors with rugs, keep it to one rug as the focal point of the room but don’t just add one because you feel like it.  For example if the couch is the focal point of your room, don’t stick a rug right in front of it.

Keep your walls as clear as possible with just a couple pieces of art that are easy to look at.


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