Photo walls are a great statement piece to have in your home and are a brilliant way to display and share your much loved photo’s. There are so many possible options with this idea including different sizes, colours and arrangements to choose from. Whether you are a person that likes everything to be even and straight or you prefer a scattered look, there will be an idea that suits you!

Here’s an example with all the frames black but different sizes making up a large rectangle along the wall.  The photo’s have also been printed in black and white.  This is a very sleek and sophisticated way of presenting photo’s and would work in a home that already has enough colour or a home that already has an established black and white theme.

Photo Source: Reign Magazine


The next example would definitely add a lot of colour to any home! There are different sized and coloured frames that are all mixed together with no clear shape.  Using prints is also a good way to add colour into your photo wall.  This could be a prints of your favourite paintings, kids artwork or just a fun print that you enjoy.

Photo Source: Reign Magazine


It can be tricky finding different sized frames that all match perfectly so have made it easy by putting together groups of frames that can be bought and are ready to use:


There are plenty of great sites that prints can be downloaded and printed for free:

Little Gold Pixel


Hello Bee


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