Rustic style is filled with natural materials, earthy colours and lots of wood!   The style embraces simplicity and works to create a warm space.  There are no flashy details or perfectly symmetrical table displays – rustic is all about making a space feel warm, relaxing and homely.

Photo Source: DesignDevise

Natural & Weathered Materials

  • Wood is one of the biggest feature of the rustic style this includes the walls, ceiling beams and flooring.
  • Exposed brick or stone is also a common feature especially around fire places or just on one wall.


Colour & Pattern Features

  • Patterns should be kept to a minimum and simple – nothing complicated or fancy.
  • Avoid lots of paint! There should be as much natural wood as possible as well as the natural textures.
  • A rustic palette includes a lot of natural colours such as browns and greys.  Add subtle splashes of jewel tones or pastels to add interest.


Animal Skins

  • Animal skins such as cow and sheep can fit in perfectly with a Rustic style and of course nowadays there are so many artificial options which are more acceptable.


A Fireplace

  • Fireplaces are a large part of rustic style.  They are often the focal point of a room with everything facing towards them.
  • They should be made from rough unpolished stone, wood or bricks.


Textural Fabrics

  • Delicate textiles, such as silk and lace, don’t have much of a place in rustic interiors. Sturdy, hardworking fabrics that can take a little wear and tear feel more on point: burlap, linen, cotton, wool and canvas.



  • Wicker baskets are a practical and style fitting way to create storage or to decorate your space.
  • Re-purposed/Up-cycled objects will fit right in to a rustic styled space. This could include old keys, wire baskets, re-used light fittings or wooden crates.




Product Idea’s:
Black & White Diamond Patterned Rug from Collected $249.00



Zebra Printed Cowhide from Collected $675.00
New Zealand Merino Blanket from Collected $145.00
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