Filled with soft, feminine tones this is a gorgeous and timeless style.  It is a vintage style made up of furnishings that that are made to look aged or really are well aged.  This style can be extremely budget friendly as searching through thrift stores, garage sales and vintage shops is the best way to go.

Photo Source: Design in Vogue
  • Furniture:  Furniture in a Shabby Chic space should always be comfortable and have an aged/distressed look.  Furniture that is showing it’s age in this style is perfectly acceptable!  For a laid back look you could add a couple of bean bags in pastel colours.  Have a search through second hand stores and garage sales to track down the perfect pieces.  Just remember you can always sand them down and repaint if they aren’t the right colour or look.


  • Fabrics: Fabrics used in Shabby Chic tend to be cottons and linens in white and pastels.  They should look clean, soft and comfortable.  Shabby Chic often looks like it has a feminine touch which is often due to the white and pastel colours as well as the detail that goes in to choosing fabrics.  Look for white on white patterns, florals or materials with intricate needlework.  Layer up different kinds of materials such as adding a fur cushion among the regular cotton ones on the couch or bed.
Photo Source: Design in Vogue
  • Ornate Mirrors and Frames: When choosing picture frames and mirrors go for ornate frames that have a refinished look.  Look through thrift stores and garage sales to find frames that may already have been painted, you can then sand them back and paint them yourself in white or pastel.


  • Chandeliers: Chandeliers are a great way to add a touch of elegance.  Whether it is modern or vintage it will have the same affect.  If you can find a gorgeous vintage chandelier, make it into a statement piece for your space.
Photo Source: Interior Design Files
  • Vintage: Try and choose vintage items as much as possible.  You want the space to feel like home and like it is ready to be lived in.  You do not want to choose too many new and modern items as this is not what Shabby Chic is about.  Use vintage teacups to serve everything from tea to punch.  You can easily mix and match these by searching through second hand stores or garage sales.


Product Idea’s:
Frida Table Lamp from ShutTheFrontDoor $199.99
Set of Cubes from ShutTheFrontDoor $69.99

These great fluffy cushions will instantly make your space feel soft and cozy.  They come in Pink and White from ShutTheFrontDoor.

Duvet Cover Maison – Queen from ShutTheFrontDoor $249.00

I love this colour! Add some pastel pink and grey in and it is the perfect mix of Shabby Chic colours.

These Zambezi Faux Fur Throws from Ezibuy look and feel absolutely luxurious.  They would be perfect used on a bed or sofa.

Ezibuy also have a ‘Chic’ kitchenware range and it is perfect for a Shabby Chic home! I know I said to look through second hand stores for things like teacups but yes I understand people like to buy new so here is your solution!

Check out some of my top picks from the ‘Chic’ range below:

Forte Bowl Set from Ezibuy $19.99
Forte Cannister Set from Ezibuy $64.99
Poppy Placemat Set from Ezibuy $29.99
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