Industrial style came about without really meaning to.  Somewhere along the way, we began to see and appreciate the exposed concrete and brick, and instead of trying to cover it up it was left as a feature.  Stripped back architecture became visually appealing and desireable and could be found it many sorts of homes from loft apartments to million dollar mansions.

Photo Source: Freshome

It is an extremely flexible style in terms of affordability.  You can spend as much or as a little as you like to create the look as often there are no added extra’s needed and salvaged goods will always look at home.

Photo Source: Splendid Habitat
  • Functional Furnishings: Industrial furnishings are minimal and simplistic with not too much detail.  Mix new and reclaimed pieces together and don’t be shy to look through thrift stores and garage sales to find the perfect pieces.  Repurposing is a great way to create unique furniture such as using old lockers as storage or wooden crates as tables.  There are no fancy ‘bells and whistles’ when it comes to choosing industrial furniture, it should just be simple and functional.
Photo Source: Splendid Habitat
  • Salvaged Materials: As the saying goes ‘one mans trash is another mans treasure’. That’s why thrift shops and garage sales are such great places to look for furniture and accessories to fit into an industrial space.
  • Colours:  Most of the colours in an industrial style space will be neutrals with features like exposed brick and concrete.  Start with a neutral palette and add colour with coloured accessories. Just don’t overdo it.
Photo Source: Freshome
  • Heavy on Metal: The ‘go-to’ material for industrial style is definitely metal.  Metal allows you to create a clean, cool and functional space which will look timeless over the years. The options are endless for including metal such as exposed piping, counter tops or stairs. Stick with ‘cold’ metals such as steel instead of gold or brass and keep them matte not shiny as that isn’t what the industrial style is about.
  • Exposed Architecture:  Industrial spaces should leave nothing to the imagination.  You shouldn’t be left wondering ‘what is the brickwork like behind that wall?’ or ‘what is the flooring like under that carpet?’.  Try not to cover anything in the space including windows.  Instead of curtains or blinds consider using a frosted treatment if privacy is a concern.
Photo Source: Freshome

Early Setter have an endless amount of furniture that would fit perfectly into an industrial style home.  They have stores located throughout NZ and Australia. Check out a few options below:

Fullham Shelving Unit $799.00
Gaston Swivel Stool $149.00
Croxley Dining Table 8 Seater $1399.00
Sara Pendant $219.00

If you live in Wellington or happen to be stopping by, check out Java Interiors.  They have an amazing range of unique and one of a kind pieces.

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