The expression coastal instantly takes you mind to beaches, seaside and summer.  Coastal styles aim to blur the line between indoors and outdoors by using large windows, open plan living and features that flow throughout the entire home. This means lots and lots of light! This style won’t work in a home that is dark or with few windows.

Colour palettes are drawn from the colours of sand, shells, the sea and the sky.  Blue is clearly a huge part of the coastal style, this could be barely there blue, pastel blue, or a brighter statement blue.  Whether you decide to use blue on your walls, furniture or accessories try to stick with the same colour as too many will make the room feel overdone.

The pictures above show a couple of great examples where the colour blue has been used on walls, on furniture and accessories. The picture below shows distressed boards on a wall that has been made the feature of the room.

Photo Source: Jeanne Campana Design

Organic materials in a coastal style home are a big yes! This could include rope, wicker tables and baskets or wooden furniture. The furniture you choose should give the impression that it can stand up to the salty wind and sand of the coast.

Tip: Try to remember that you are creating a coastal style you do not want to go overboard with shells upon shells piled up – a few special pieces to sit on bookshelves of side tables are perfect.

Below are a couple of idea’s for furniture and accessories that would fit perfectly into a coastal style home:

Pier Rope Floor Lamp from Freedom Furniture $349.00
Esperance Floor Light from Freedom Furniture $299.00
Madeleine Floor Rug from Freedom Furniture $749.00


Freedom Furniture have a gorgeous range called ‘Cancun’ which features many pieces that are whitewashed timber with a clear coastal living aesthetic. The range is simple and extremely versatile so it can be styled any way you like.



Belly Basket from Superette $49.00
Petunia – Flower Weave Rug from Superette $690.00



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