Darkly romantic is a gorgeous style that features deep colours and moody art with many layers built up within a space. It should feel sensual, warm and subtly dangerous all rolled into one space.

With the dark colours and features it can often be mistaken for a gothic look but think more along the lines of sexy instead of scary and you will have darkly romantic spot on. You also don’t want it to come across as a theme but more of a feeling.

Photo Source: Decoholic Interior Design
  • The darkly romantic style starts with choosing rich, strong colours that will become the base layer for the many other layers to be added.  Dark colours however are not the rule and lighter colours can also be used alongside them or with accessories.
Photo Source: Mademoiselle Poirot
  • Layer up your furnishings, textiles and lighting.  The space should feel full and inviting, like it never wants you to leave.
  • Use bold large-scale prints. Avoid botanical patterns as these are a bit soft for this style.
Photo Source: Architecture and Design
  • Dim the lights! Lighting can significantly change the mood of a room. Use low lighting to make a space feel warm and luxurious. You could also use candles to create ambient, warm light.
  • Choose older looking mirrors that have a sense of past and depth.  Mirrors can define a room depending on their look and size.  Antique or distressed mirrors are perfect for this style.


Product Idea’s:

There are so many different candle holders you could choose to mix and match together.  This could be a chance to add a splash of colour.

Unicorn Bookend from Collected $79.00


Godfrey Copper Pendant Light from Collected $395.00
Quilt Cover – Queen from ShutTheFrontDoor $239.00
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