I love dream catchers! I think they are absolutely gorgeous and can be made to suit anybody’s style, age or room.  There are endless combinations of colours, designs and trinkets you can add to a dream catcher to make it your own.

History  and meaning of the Dream Catcher

Dream catchers began as a tradition of Native Americans.  The traditional dream catcher was intended to protect from negative dreams and let positive dreams through.  It is believed that the night is filled with both good and bad dreams and the dream catcher that is hung over or near your bed catches the dreams that flow by.  The good dreams would slip through the dream catcher and glide down to the sleeping person while the bad dreams would get caught up in the web and expire when the first rays of sun struck them.

Source: Dream-Catchers.org


What You Need:

  • A metal ring (whatever size you want your dream catcher to be)
  • Yarn (one colour, multiple colours… completely up to you)
  • Beads, ribbon, tassels, feathers, trims, etc. (anything you want to hang from your dream catcher)
  • Nylon (if you are using beads)
  • Hot glue-gun

Below are a few of the accessories I bought.  The others bits and pieces like ribbon were things that I already had.  So check around the house before going out and spending lots, you never know what you might find to add!

There are many sizes in the rings and you can also get different shapes, such as hearts, depending on what you want the dream catcher to look like.  I chose a couple different sizes of beads to make it a little bit more interesting especially if you are doing everything in the same colour like I decided.

Start off by wrapping your metal ring in the yarn you have chosen.  Wrap tightly in one layer and glue down the ends of the yarn.


Next, depending on how you want your dream catcher to look there are many different designs you can choose for the middle of the ring. You can add beads to the middle section if you like.  I created a star type pattern on mine like so:

Here is the template:


Here are a couple other options you could try:

How To Make A Crochet Dream Catcher

Spider Webb Dream Catcher

The next step is to add all the hanging details.  I used beads threaded on to nylon, a few different ribbons and trims, and plaited yarn with little stars tied in.

Tip: Use a lighter on the end of ribbons and other nylon materials to melt them just a little to stop them fraying at the ends, helps make it all look nice and tidy.


Keep adding your accessories and bits and pieces until you get the dream catcher looking just the way you want it.  I also added a fake flower and other bits across the front.




Have fun!

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