Full of colour, texture, nature and art, the bohemian style is a gorgeous expression of a person’s individual style and personality.

  • Textiles: Mixing and matching with no rules is the aim here.  Experiment with different types of materials such as linen and crochet.  Then choose different patterns such as geometric and tie-dyed. Think about using materials with trims like pom poms or with fringes.  This is also a great time to use botanical patterns.
Photo Source: Harpers Bazaar
  • Arty: Go for colour and one of kind pieces that will stand out.  You could also have one wall that is one big piece of art such as a watercolour scene or by splashing paint on a wall straight from the can.  Be creative! You can’t go wrong.
  • Nature: Bring nature indoors for bohemian style.  Incorporate plants into your space by simply having plants in pots sitting on surfaces or make macramé pot holders to hang from the ceiling.
  • Colour & Patterns:  Use as many colours and patterns as you like.  Don’t over think the amount of colour you put into this look as there really are no rules or limits.  Experiment by mix and matching different colours and patterns until you get the look you want.  Don’t be afraid to use items that are faded as these just add to the look.
  • Focal Points: Because there is so much colour and interest in a bohemian space it is often a good idea to create a focal point.  This could be a couch, a lantern or a table. People often think that bohemian can be quite a chaotic style but by using a focal point it will draw a persons eyes to something is particular and help make sense of the space.
Photo Source: Harpers Bazaar
  • Furniture & Accessories:  Again, mix and match!  It’s not often you will find a complete set of matching plates or anything in a bohemian style kitchen and that is just part of the attraction.  This also goes for other accessories such as candle holders and other ornaments.  It should be a collection of things that you love and want to display without having to worry whether it matches with the rest of the room.  Dream catchers have also become a popular part of bohemian styled bedrooms.  These can be as colourful and creative as you want them.
    • I will be posting a tutorial on DIY Dream catchers – keep an eye out!


Below I have selected a few items that could fit right in to the bohemian style:

Check out these gorgeous macrame wall hangings.  They are a natural colour which can be great at separating and toning down all the bright colours of a bohemian space.

Joni Cushion $89.00
Hippie Round Rug Small $39.00, Medium $159.00, Large $249.00
Kip & Co Beanbag $99.00
Pantone Espresso Cups $17.00 each
Tassel Bed Throw $299.00
Icelandic Sheepskin $399.00
Dulux Diamond Basket $109.00
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