What’s new from Collected:

Karlsson Button Alarm Clock $49.00
Wild Thing Planter/Vase Tall $49.00 Short $39.00

These are gorgeous and be great for kids rooms to add a little greenery and life. They come in a tall and a short size.

Areaware Table Tiles Black or White $30.00

These table tiles are really neat.  You can buy the white or black striped although looking at the photo above buying both colours looks great!

Areaware Drink Rocks $80.00


Just Arrived at Shut The Front Door:

Gold, gold, gold! Shut The Front Door have a great range of homeware items at the moment, and this month’s picks are going with a gold theme.

WashPaper Bag Space Age $32.99

WashPaper Bags have become increasingly popular lately and this bag is just one of the many colours and sizes that are out there to choose from.

Canister medium
Canister Space Age – Medium $19.99

These nifty canisters come in three different sizes so you can mix and match them till your heart is content.  They could be used for coffee, sugar, etc. or just to store your bits and pieces.

White Grid & Metallic Cushion $85.00
Hug Me Mug Set of 4 $79.99


What’s new at Freedom Furniture:

Penelope Sofa $2999.00

I know, I know, this isn’t a very reasonable item to pick out but this sofa is just amazing! Look at how plump and ‘ready to sit on’ it looks.  If you are looking for a statement sofa to add to your living room, this could be it.

Hex Ottoman $199

This awesome little Ottoman also comes in black and is the perfect addition to your living room for a GREAT price.

Brume Glass 460ml $9.95

These cool glasses come in Aqua, Navy, and Pink and would add a bit of colour to your table setting.  I love all three colours and have no idea how I would be able to choose…. Will leave that up to you!

Colton Cushion $59.95
Colton Throw $199.00

Check out the matching cushion and throw above.  I love this colour and the texture both would bring to a sofa.

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