Homes To Love chatted with Your Home & Garden managing editor Shelley Ferguson about the products she loves from the collaboration with Farmers.

Link: Shelley’s favourite pieces from YH&G’s new homeware range

Photo Source: Homes To Love

The collection is made up of homewares that feature very earthy colours and textures. Below are some of my favourties and top picks:

Your Home And Garden Textured Bath Mat $39.99

I love these types of luxurious bath mats. They are super absorbent and just have the nicest feeling when you step out of the shower!

Your Home And Garden Mamba Side Lamp $199.99

This lamp is the perfect height to sit on a bedside table or desk.  It is quite an industrial quite look that is simple and would fit most rooms.

Your Home And Garden Marseille Geo Cushion $69.99

Your Home And Garden Sweet Dreams Pillowcase Set $59.99

Your Home And Garden Bowman Euro Pillowcase $39.99

There are some really awesome pillow case sets as well.  They would be perfect if you are looking for a little colour to add to your bed or sofa.

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