Feature walls are a fantastic way of adding colour and personality into a room.  There are many different mediums that can be used to create the feature including paint, wall paper, decals and many more. A feature wall can be the focal point of the room or help enhance the rooms best feature.

Paint can be used in many ways to create a feature wall.  You could use a brighter or darker colour on one wall such as the wall behind a bed in the bed room.  Splitting the wall into sections and using different colours in each section make an effective feature – you can make as many or as few sections depending on how detailed you want the wall to be.  Painting the wall a block colour of the same colour as the rest of the room and then using a stencil to paint a pattern or picture onto the wall will add texture to a room.


Using a patterned wallpaper on one wall to create a feature is also effective.  The pictures above show the possible ways it can be used.  You could have a whole wall covered maybe behind the bed or one large wall.  Or you could try only doing a section of wall to attract attention to the feature of a room.  In this case the picture above shows the couch as the feature of the room and a patterned wallpaper has been used behind it to accentuate it.

There are many places to source wallpaper from:

  • Most hardware stores such as Bunnings
  • Home furnishing stores such as Guthrie Bowron
  • Paint stores such as Resene now have their own ranges as well


And don’t forget the kids! Choose your child’s favorite movie, animal or hobbies and make a feature wall of it.  You can paint it yourself, buy a stick on removable mural or a patterned wallpaper:

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