Mirrors can have many different uses in your home.  There’s the obvious of being able to see your reflection so for practical use in bathrooms, they reflect light which can make a space appear brighter, or they can be used for decoration. Mirrors can also change the way a room looks, for example putting a large mirror in a small room can make the room appear larger than it really is.

You do not want to fill blank spaces on you walls with mirrors ‘just because’.  Hold it up on the wall you are thinking of and see what is reflected in it.  You don’t want to see something unsightly or boring.  If it reflects a nice view out the window.. Great.  If it reflects an area which is cluttered or the toilet… Not so great.

These three beautiful mirrors below are from West Elm.  They are very sleek and subtle, and would suit various homes and styles.  You could choose something like these if you are after a little colour or something that would fit into your current colour scheme.

Avoid placing mirrors in kitchens or wet areas where they are not necessary.  You will be constantly cleaning water marks or other mess from them.

There are so many options to choose from; round or square, thin or thick frame, hanging or standing.

Detailed mirrors can add interest into a room or be used as the focal point of a room. Check out the examples below of just a few examples of the possibilities that are on offer.

Great places to put mirrors:

  • A large mirror leaning up against the wall in a dressing
  • Above the fire place
  • As a work of art pretty much any place in the house
  • A large mirror behind a sofa/lounge suite
  • Putting a mirror behind a light source will maximize the lighting
  • Above the bath tub
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